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Checkup and Clean

Patient getting a check-up and cleaningMost dental problems are preventable. By establishing a proactive care routine, you can lower your chances of cavities, emergencies, gum disease and tooth loss.

The Oral-Systemic Connection

The health of your teeth and gums is directly related to a variety of underlying health concerns. Chronic gum disease can raise your chances of pneumonia, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and infertility. Fortunately, stabilising gum infections can also have a positive impact on your overall wellness.

How Often Should I Book a Checkup?

A healthy, well-maintained smile usually benefits from a checkup and clean at least twice per year. These semi-regular visits allow us to screen for concerns while they’re still small while at the same time removing the buildup that accumulated since your last appointment. If you have active gum disease, soft tissue therapy and more frequent cleans are suggested.

Will I Need X-rays?

Diagnostic X-rays allow us to assess bone levels, screen for cavities and evaluate areas that aren’t visible during a visual exam. Depending on your health history, we may need to take a set of small X-rays about once per year.

mom and daughter flossing together

Your Home Hygiene Routine

The foundation of a healthy smile is a good oral hygiene routine. Make it a point to brush at least twice daily (two minutes at a time) focusing particularly along the gumlines. Clean between your teeth at least once a day with floss. If flossing is difficult, you may want to consider using a water flosser instead.

During your checkup, we’ll evaluate areas that may need a modified oral hygiene routine and discuss various techniques that you may want to try.

Are You Due for a Checkup?

If it’s been six months or longer since your last scale and clean, contact our office today.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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